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The BBC group of machines runs in my house on Ethernet & WiFi. There was a BBC1 (PCXT) generally not on the network, BBC2 (AT Clone) , BBC4HT (Dell P4 HyperThreading XP Pro system), bbc-server (AMD, DOS & Ubuntu with 4T RAID0). BBC3 isn't in use and has been recycled. BBC4 & BBC5 don't see much use, but exist still. Other systems include Music (P3, XP Pro WiFi), Root66 (486DX/66) running Win3.11 or Linux, dell4600 (my cousin's former P4 2.6GHz system running Linux or XP Pro), Computerroom, Livingroom, a laptop (WiFi), a number of video players (WD TV Live, others), Ninetendo DSi (WiFi) and 3DS (WiFi), Google TV, Blu-ray player.


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